The Improved Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks of the World was granted a copyright as an organization on September 28, 1898, in Cincinnati, Ohio.  A Pullman porter Arthur James Riggs, and Benjamin Franklin Howard, who were both members of another fraternal organization, met in the city, and they discovered that they both had dreams of forming an Elks organization for people of color. Their dreams and plans were realized when the first Lodge, Alpha Lodge No. 1, was organized in Cincinnatti, as result of the efforts of these two men. As Elks prevailed, the organization struggled against many racist attitudes and legal efforts to deny the existance of the Improved and Benevolent and Protectve Ordr of Elks of the Wold.

 On June 13, 1902, Emma Virginia Kelley organized the Daughters of Elks in Norfork, Virginia. This group was later adopted by the grand Lodge and became an auxiliary body to the brothers of Elks.  The first Temple was Norfork Temple No. 1, Norfork, Virginia.

 The Elks is the largest predominantly black, fraternal organization in the world, and boasts a membership of over 450,000 , with Lodges in Temples in the United States, Canada, Mexico, West Indies, Virgin islands, Palomar and Bahamas.  In 1998, the organization celebrated its international Centennial, which was hosted in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada -100 years- since they are founding.   the second 100 year centennial celebration was held in 1999, hosted by the city of New Orleans are the founding of the Grand Lodge, the parent body of the organization.  Congratulatory acknowledges mints were received from the United States president William Jefferson Clinton, every presiding Gov. of the 27 state Association representing domestic jurisdictions, distinguished personage, corporations, letters from the governing authorities of the foreign jurisdictions under the umbrella of Elkdom.

 The purpose of our organization is that the welfare happiness of its members be promoted an enhanced; nobleness of souls and goodness of heart call today to it so that the principles of Charity, Justice, Brotherly and Sisterly Love be inculcated; that its members and families be assisted and protected; and that the spirit of patriotism be enlivened and exalted. A few other major departments of the Elks are the Grand Lodge Education Department, History Department, Medical Department, Veterans Affairs Department, National Youth Department, Civil Liberties Department, Antlered Guard Department, and Hobson R. Reynolds National Shrine Department.  Through the efforts of its members in the areas departments, the Elks sponsor extensive educational scholarship programs, you the summer computer literacy camps, and children with special needs, parades, unequaled community service activities throughout the world.

Exalted Ruler: Anthony Bates (PGER)

Esteemed Leading Knight: Ron McClain (PGER) 

Esteemed Loyal Knight: Bryon Wheels (PGER)

Esteemed Lecturing Knight: David Brewer (PGER)

Financial Secretary: George Lane (PGER)

Treasurer: Paul Cason

Esquire: Rex Cooper (PGER)

Tiler: Gregory Long, Sr. (PGER)

Inner Guard: Jerry Williams

Trustee Three Year (3) David Shumper

Trustee Two Year (2) Gary Banks

Trustee One Year (1) Vern Fields

Chaplain: Gilbert Davis (PGER) 

House chairman: Richard Lewis

National Youth Department

Antlered Guard Department

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Purple Cross Department

 Veterans Affairs Department